Industrial Paint Coating

British Paints offers a wide range of industrial or Epoxy Coatings. Catering to a wide bunch of segments ranging from the LPG/ LNG Cylinders to Earth Moving Equipments to Scaffolding etc, we are the one of the leading industrial coatings manufacturer providing customized painting services as well. Our coatings offer highest protection against erosion; corrosion and impact, making machines and units last longer without splits, cracks or fractures. They also offer protection against fire and chemical impacts and do not make the surfaces slippery when wet. Additionally, they are easy to clean up and maintain.

Based on rigorous research and development, British Paints has been successful in forming industrial coatings with wide range of compounds, providing effective coating solutions to its consumers at large. Our coatings can be used to coat Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Copper, Polyester, Fiberglass, Ceramics and Zinc.

Backed by an efficient team of painting experts, British Paints offers top of the line industrial coating services for manufacturers with its Epoxy coatings range like Polyurethanes Primers, Vacuum Metalizing Lacquers, and Quick Drying Primers. Spread across the country’s entire span, our service centers and agents are always eager and willing to help all our consumers so that they can find the optimum solutions with us.

Epoxy Coating

British Paints manufactures a wide range of General Industrial Coatings, catering to the following Industry segments The Industrial Sales & Service network covers the entire country and can offer customized solutions for your needs.



  • LPG / CNG Cylinders
  • Pre-engineered Buildings
  • Special Purpose Vehicles
  • Cycles
  • Auto Head Lamps
  • Earth Moving Equipments
  • Barrel & Container Industry
  • Foundry’s
  • Material Handling Equipments
  • Scaffoldings
  • Telecom Towers
  • Transformers


  • Epoxy’s Primers & Top Coats
  • Polyurethanes Primers & Top Coats
  • Quick Drying Primers & Top Coats
  • Stoving Primers & Top Coats
  • Vacuum Metallising Lacquers & a host of other tailor made products