Kamdhenu Coating

Specializec & Other Coatings

  • Kamotint – Universal Stainer

    Kamotint Universal Stainer is Light Fast Intermiscible High strength pigment which is specially formulated for tinting paints like Acrylic Emulsion, Flat, Enamel Oil Paint and Lustre Finishes.

  • Kamwood – P. U. Wood Finish

    Kamwood P.U. Wood finish is a premium quality wood finish & is designed to protect and decorate wooden surfaces. It is clear in colour and highlights the natural grain of wood. This fast drying finish gives excellent durability to interiors and sheltered exteriors, new or previously coated wood and veneers.

  • Kamoshine – Aluminium Paint

    Kamoshine Aluminium Paint is a highly durable and corrosion resistant paint, which with its characteristic aluminium lustre provides a glossy, long lasting smooth finish. It is used in Electric Polies, Pipes, Railings etc.

  • Kamolac – Runway Marking Paint

    It is used for marking on concrete surfaces in Airport. Available in White, Black & Golden Yellow.

  • Kamolac – Road Marking Paint

    It is used for marking on concrete & bituminous surfaces in National Highways, Express ways & normal road. Available in White, Black & Golden Yellow. It is either water wase or solvent base.

  • Kamoblacky – Black Bituminous Paint

    Black Bituminous paint is used for Protection of iron, steel, masonry or concrete surfaces.