Designer Paints

  • White Cement & Polymer based Wall Smoothner & Filler

  • “Kamo-tuff” Textures are available in wide array of colours, designs & patterns. They are made to suite your imagination & last beyond it. We provide specific services in the selected cities like Site Sampling, Colour Previews, Colour Consultancy, visit by technical staff etc. Kamo-tuff textures are available in following ranges
  • Kamofine :

    Provides the classic orange peel effect to decorate the exteriors as well interiors.

  • Kamo Rockstar :

    Provides a lasting sand blasted effect in a shade of your choice.

  • Kamo Star Spray Coat :

    Available in Dews, Flat cut, double colour and multi colour effects which can transform any surface (Interior & Exterior) in fastest possible time.

  • Kamorustic :

    A very classy, long lasting finish enriched with silicone ceramised quartz to transform ordinary to classy.

  • Kamorustic Tuff :

    Name says it all, options to choose from Vast array of colours as it is top coated with emulsion in the colour of your choice.

  • Kamosmooth Stone :

    Only possible way to have stone cladded walls without actually going for stone. Natural polymer stone decorates your exteriors & interiors.

  • Kamo Granite Stone :

    To give your fasade a effect that sure looks granite but comes really economical.

  • Kamo Rought Stone :

    Roughstone finish for the connoisseurs in all natural shades various block sizes & patterns can be created.

  • Kamo Elegant spray with silicone topcoat :

    Strength & aesthetics bonded in the best possible manner for exteriors & interiors.