Construction Admixtures



IMPERMO Integral Cement Waterproofing Compound is a water-repellent product not containing calcium chloride. Available in powder form for adding to cement and in liquid form for adding to cement sand rendering, to overcome capillary absorption of moisture into cement mortar and concrete.

Special Features

  • IMPERMO has all the essential properties to waterproof concrete/sand-cement rendering.
  • IMPERMO is Most Economical as the quantity needed is just 2% Powder or 0.4% Liquid of the cement used.


HARDCRETE implies hardening of concrete. Hardcrete hardens mass concrete, cement renderings, floor toppings and also waterproofs the same. The dual property of “HARDENING” & “WATERPROOFING” greatly enhance crushing strength as observed in one year old concrete which makes the product most suitable.

Special Features

  • Mass concrete
  • Cement renderings
  • Floor Toppings
  • Pits and basements can be proofed against a head of water with HARDCRETE.
  • Wearing courses to floor are hardened densified and made dustless and resistant to many form of chemical attack encountered in tanneries, garages and other industrial premises.
  • HARDCRETE increase the plasticity of concrete to provide workable mixes with less than the normal amount of water.
  • No deleterious effects are produced. On the contrary, greatly increased crushing strength is observed.
  • Any desired acceleration of the setting time of cement can be obtained with HARDCRETE.


CEMIX helps to make mortar that is superior in performance as well as lower in cost. Never before has such a product been offered to the building trade. So effective is its action that the requirement of cement is reduced by half! In addition, mortar made with CEMIX is easier to use, speeds up output and reduces labor costs.

Special Features

  • Eliminates lime thus removing one of the causes of paint failure in new plaster.
  • Saves money by reduction in quantity of cement required
  • Minimizes the problem of efflorescence.
  • Simplifies transport and storage.
  • Increases mortar coverage and labor output.
  • Ensures greater resistance to water penetration, cracking and crazing.