Liquid Paints



UNI-GLOSSS, a water based premium quality multi surface paint system is specially formulated to protect substrate from external factors like UV radiation, high humidity, rain, industrial pollution, etc. Its unique formulation gives a glossy finish and very good flexibility.

Special Features

  • contains micronised minerals & extremely stable fine quality pigments which render a smooth glossy finish
  • has extra covering capacity
  • retains gloss for long period
  • is based on special acrylic binder which ensures excellent adhesion to concrete / sand / cement rendering, wood and metal
  • is extremely stable against ultra-violet reaction/ radiations
  • is highly durable even under severe atmospheric conditions
  • provides excellent alkali resistance
  • forms highly flexible paint film

Snowcryl XT

Snowcryl XT is specially formulated premium acrylic paint for exteriors, using pure acrylic resin and additives which allow it to last for years even when exposed to atmospheric condition in industrialised areas and coastal cities.

Special Features

  • contains fine quality pigments and extenders which provide smooth finish
  • has strong adhesive properties
  • has an excellent colour fastness
  • contains special additives which prevent algal and fungal growth
  • is crack resistant
  • provides excellent alkali resistance
  • is extra durable even under adverse atmospheric conditions
  • forms tough dry film which is impermeable to rain water
  • is stable against ultra-violet reaction/ radiations


SANDTEX MATT has a unique formulation that makes it the longest lasting protective and decorative finish and has proved to be the most reliable paint/finish under Indian climatic conditions for last 30 years.

Special Features

  • withstands extreme climatic conditions
  • is extremely durable and gives beautiful matt finish
  • has exceptional resistence to the elements
  • is crack resistant and peel proof
  • has excellent heat, light and alkali resistance
  • has high water repellancy and excellent opacity
  • gives extra protection because it has higher film thickness
  • is a thicker coating than any normal finish
  • contains special additives which prevent algal and fungal growth and hence has excellent anti-algal/fungal properties
  • exhibits outstanding colour fastness
  • forms a full bodied flexible film which moves with tmperature and bridges hair cracks


SANDTEX SMOOTH offers advantages of both SANDTEX MATT premium textured finish and 100% acrylic finish. It is based on special pure acrylic resin which imparts excellent resistance to degradation by alkali and UV radiation and thus prevent yellowing and discoloration.

Special Features

  • has higher opacity
  • is fast drying
  • has enhanced self cleansing properties
  • has exceptional resistance to weathering elements
  • imparts higher water repellency
  • offers outstanding colour fastness
  • can be used for interiors also.
  • is extremely durable and smooth protective matt finish
  • has excellent anti- algal and anti-fungal properties
  • forms thicker film than any other acrylic finish


TRUMP is an acrylic emulsion paint, which provides protection with decoration. Though SNOWCEM PLUS waterproof cement paint is by far the most economical exterior paint, now there is an option for smooth finish emulsion paint in the budget category. TRUMP can be used for interiors also.

Special Features

  • provides economy with quality
  • has a very good colour fastness to light
  • contains special biocides which protect the paint film against algae and fungi
  • contains micronised pigments and extenders which render a smooth finish
  • forms film which is permeable to vapour / air and impermeable to rain water
  • has good resistance to ultra-violet radiation
  • offers durable protection
  • has superior spreadability
  • provides good alkali resistance
  • contains special acrylic emulsion binder
  • is fade resistant


ALLROUNDER offers the most economical choice for users of acrylic emulsion paint with protection & decoration. ALLROUNDER can be used for interiors also.

Special Features

  • Value for money
  • Protection with decoration
  • does not peel off or crack
  • high colour retention properties
  • film against algae & fungi
  • contains special acrylic emulsion binder
  • fast drying
  • contains special biocides which protect the paint


SNOWPEARL is carefully designed value product with a smooth finish. It is developed by thoughtful selection of special raw materials, dispersed in a copolymer emulsion, imparting superior properties and coverage.

Special Features

  • It can be used as self priming coat at 100% dilution. It has good flow and quick drying properties.
  • special additives prevent fungal/algal growth and provide alkali resistance
  • a long lasting emulsion helps in obtaining a durable, smooth and pleasant finish.


SnowDecor is a tough, decorative, ready to use texture wall finish. It is especially manufactured to impart toughness, durability, binding and longer life to external and internal surfaces. SnowDecor is available in a range of textures which are not only aesthetic but also highly durable, maintenance free and adaptable to diverse climatic and surface conditions.

Special Features

  • Imparts toughness to surface
  • Eco friendly, conforms to VOC norms
  • Contains anti bacterial and anti fungal additives
  • Is waterproof and washable
  • Is non toxic and nonflammable
  • Fills hairline cracks and pinholes
  • Highly resistant to alkalies
  • Twin benefits of Protection and Aesthetics


SNOWCEM INTERIOR is based on specially formulated acrylic emulsion co-polymer. It provides luxurious looks and feel of premium emulsion paint.

Special Features

  • rich smooth matt finish.
  • excellent flow and coverage
  • provides luxurious ambience
  • protects from algae and fungi attack
  • fast drying and quickly re coatable
  • high colour retention properties
  • does not peel off