Surface Preparation



SNOWFILLA is ideal for wide range of jobs as described in this literature, because of its special features.

Its unique formulation causes SNOWFILLA to expand when it dries. That is why SNOWFILLA forces itself securely inside cracks and holes so that it cannot fall out. SNOWFILLA fills the space completely and leaves the surface uniform.

Special Features

  • It has an amazing tensile strength. A layer of SNOWFILLA can withstand tremendous weight. In fact, SNOWFILLA can support more than 300 times its own weight by adhesion alone.
  • Nails and screws driven into dried SNOWFILLA will be held as strongly as in bricks.
  • It mixes with water at once into a fine smooth paste.
  • Stays workable for about an hour.
  • It eliminates ‘cutting back’ before filling


SNOWPLAST is a state of the art smooth ready to use acrylic finishing plaster for interiors in paste form. SNOWPLAST has excellent adhesive property which eliminates the use of other products like neeru, solvent based putty, plaster of paris or primer before application of paint.

SNOWPLAST is specially formulated by using ultrafine minerals, biocides, corrosion inhibitors and other additives and specially made in-house adhesive organic binder.

Special Features

  • It comes in paste form of required workability. Hence, there is no need to dilute with water.
  • It has a very high adhesive strength. Hence, there is no need of a primer before applying it to the walls.
  • It gives smooth finish and serves as ideal substrate for application of paints. on SNOWPLAST finish surface, paint can be applied directly. No primer is necessary.
  • It has very good flexibility, and thus avoids cracking.
  • It allows water vapour to escape without causing blistering.


SNOWCare is a combination of high quality white Portland cement, natural minerals and special additives. It is specially manufactured to impart toughness, durability, binding, waterproofing and longer life to exterior and interior surfaces. SNOWCare hides the minor imperfections of the surface and prevents hairline cracks to appear on the surface.

Special Features

  • Gives toughness to the surface
  • Needs no curing
  • Is water repellent
  • Increases durability of the surface
  • Fills hair cracks and pinholes.
  • Is nontoxic and non flammable


SNOWCEM BIO-WASH is a water thinnable solution for treating the exterior surfaces. SNOWCEM BIO-WASH is to be used as a pre treatment wash for exterior surfaces to resist algal and fungal growth.

Special Features

  • SNOWCEM BIO-WASH contains anti algal/fungal agents which inhibit algal/fungal growth.