Asian Paints Apex Duracast Venezio is a fine grain textured finish for exteriors imported from Italy. It replicates the rustic Italian exteriors, offering a subtle, sophisticated finish on the wall. It is a water-based product based on advanced siloxane-modified acrylic binders.


Water Vapour Permeability

Apex Duracast Venezio has excellent vapour permeability, letting walls “breathe” by allowing water vapour to pass outward through its film.


Strong Water Repellence

The superior water repellence to wind-driven rain and running water offered by Apex Duracast Venezio protects buildings for a longer time.


High Erosion Resistance

High erosion resistance enables the finish to resist the damaging effects of pollution, ensuring that the finish retains its subtle charm for years.


Anti-Mould Performance

The anti-mould performance ensures the finish overcomes the negative impact of weather and mould.

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