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British Paints presents its premium quality wood paints solutions – Wood Grain Melamine and Wood Grain PU. They are the perfect for those looking for long lasting wood finishes that protect wooden surfaces from damages from a variety of exterior elements. Made using only the best quality materials and the latest technology, these wood paints solutions are better than any other products. Here are some of the features and advantages you will get with our wood paints:

  • Superior Finish:

    Our wood finishes will give your wooden surfaces a clear and decorative coating that will not only increase their aesthetic appeal, but also keep them from getting damaged.

  • Enhanced Durability:

    The Wood paints will protect your wooden surfaces from heat, hot fluids, oil stains, termite attacks and other such harmful elements and keep them new for years and years.

  • Easy Application:

    Application is totally hassle-free; you won’t need to worry about complicated painting procedures with our wood finishes.

  • Excellent Value for Money:

    Excellent Value for Money: With the premium features that come with our wood paints solutions, full value for your money is guaranteed.


Glo -Hi Gloss Enamel Paint

Glo, the first quality Enamel is specially formulated for the discerning customer who does not settle for anything less in life. The product has a smooth and uniform finish with excellent leveling and hard mirror like gloss that resists the vagaries of nature like water, sunlight and moisture. Its brushability is excellent. Glo Enamel is made tough for exterior use to withstand rugged conditions. It is used and recommended for finishing doors, windows, furniture and fixtures. Keeping outer activities in mind, it is ideal for hoardings, signboards, railway rolling stock, truck
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Satin Enamel

Satin Enamel is a specially made enamel finish with soft sheen i.e. smoothness of satin, suitable for application on metal, wood and masonry surfaces. It is suitable for both interior and exterior application and gives high quality long lasting tough finish.
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20-20 Synthetic Enamel

20-20 Synthetic Enamel is a solvent based paint which gives a long lasting glossy finish. Recommended for interior usage on wood , metal & cement plaster surfaces .
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Yak-Synthetic Enamel

QUICK DRYING SYNTHETIC ENAMEL Yak Synthetic Enamel is offered as economical finish paint. It is recommended mainly for interior use and can be easily applied by brush to give a glossy, smooth and hard film. Its superior flow and leveling properties are well known and make it the best choice amongst the economically priced enamels.
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