British Decorative Coating

Decorative Paints

British Paints offers a wide range of decorative paints for you. Our range of decorative materials includes interior emulsions, acrylic distempers, exterior emulsions, texture paints and cement paints, enamels and wood grain finishes.

Areas of application of our Decorative Paints and Finishes

Our decorative materials and finishes can be used on different surfaces like:

  • plasters, including concrete interior plasters
  • hard boards and other building boards
  • false ceilings
  • cement sheets and asbestos sheets
  • brick work
  • concrete stone
  • metals
  • wood

Advantages of British Paint’s Decorative Paints and Finishes

With us, you are assured of several unmatched advantages. These include:

  • Aesthetic appeal: Our decorative paints are available in a wide range of elegant and contemporary colors and textures. They are perfect for creating your dream home.
  • Durability: Both our exterior and interior paints are designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear and to resist fading due to UV exposure. They are also low maintenance.
  • Ease of application: Our decorative paints and finishes ensure a very easy and hassle free application. They also dry fairly quickly, so you can apply more coats in less time.
  • Affordability: We offer the most cost effective paints, especially if you consider the other great benefits we offer.

Exterior Emulsions

Our products are made with chemical resistant pigments, flexible emulsion resin binder combined with special additives and preservatives making them longer lasting and more durable to whether and environment impacts.
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Textures & Cement Paints

Are your homes falling prey to extreme weather conditions? Are you tired of painting your interiors and exteriors again and again? Try our Cement and Texture paints and put the weather at bay.
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