Exterior Emulsions

Exterior Emulsion Paints

We at British Paints, provide a mix of exterior emulsion paints like Expa Max, Expa Cool, Shingar Max and Shingar in a wide variety of shades to choose from. Our products are made with chemical resistant pigments, flexible emulsion resin binder combined with special additives and preservatives making them longer lasting and more durable to whether and environment impacts. Our products on this category differ in terms of the different whether location requirements and come with a color and life warranty as well.

  • Sealing imperfections:

    Our emulsion paints help conceal the smallest of imperfections in exterior wall, even hairline cracks, therefore making your exterior walls flawless

  • Fungus resistant:

    Made with superior quality materials these specialize in fighting algae and fungi formation on their surfaces and give a rich sheen and a designer finish.

  • Water Resistant:

    Presence of high latex in certain emulsions makes them water resistant.

  • Economical:

    British Paint’s exterior emulsions are also dirt and dust resistant making walls stay beautiful for longer periods of time without curing, therefore saving money in the long run.

  • Color guard:

    The Exterior Emulsion Paint’s Color advantage helps keep colors from fading away for longer periods of time and even provide UV protection.


Expa 7 -Advanced Exterior Emulsion

Expa 7 is a 100 % acrylic emulsion paint especially formulated for super performance when applied properly on exterior walls due to its unique water resistant properties and resistance properties against fungi, algae, dampness, caused by lashing rain. Presence of light fast chemical resistant pigments/ fillers, tough and flexible emulsion resin binder, special preservatives and other special additives make it an excellent durable coating with retention of color brightness for a long time.
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Expa Cool -Premium Exterior Emulsion

Expa Cool is a 100% acrylic high built exterior paint made to international standards that keeps exteriors looking bright and new for many years. Expa Cool is a high performance architectural coating for all types of construction residential building, offices and commercial complexes. Expa Cool is a 100% pure acrylic emulsion, with tough adhesion and flexibility, its lightfast chemical resisting pigments and other special additives, provides protection against alkali, U.V. degradation, fungal and algae growth.
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Shingar Max-Superior Exterior Emulsion

Shingar Max is a water based 100 % Acrylic Exterior wall finish which is suitable for dry or moderately humid climatic conditions .
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Shingar -Exterior Emulsion

Shingar Exterior Emulsion is best suited for application on exterior walls in dry or moderately humid climatic conditions. It is an acrylic co-polymer, emulsion based wall coating for exteriors. Its unique formulation ensures that the product has excellent adhesion to different types of surfaces like cement plasters, asbestos etc. Once the film dries hard, it exhibits excellent resistance to chalking, cracking and weathering. It can be used for interiors also. Shingar Exterior Emulsion has a wide range of non-fading and hence longer lasting shades. It offers good anti- algae properties in dry to moderately humid climatic condition. However, it may not completely prevent the growth of black algae spots in areas with excessive rainfall or coastal belts.
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