Undercoats for the Perfect Color Finish

An application done on a bare substrate as a base for further embellishments, undercoats form the basis of a perfect paint finish. Undercoats cover up imperfections on surfaces making them even and uniform. They also increase adhesion of the surface therefore reducing paint consumption by half. Undercoat paints can be applied on various surfaces like walls, ceiling and wood and metal surfaces. They help:

  • Provide a surface conducive to flawless painting
  • Block out ultraviolet rays
  • Block moisture from attacking the substrate.
  • Prevent absorption of paints into the substrate
  • Prevent staining and spoiling of final finishes
  • Prevent fungus
  • Prevent corrosion and rust

The range of undercoats offered by British Paints include the cement based Acrylic Cement Paint which provides perfect finished and ready to paint surfaces, like ceilings, concrete, walls and asbestos. The best undercoat for exterior walls however, is the Acrylic Exterior Wall Primer. Protect and beautify your wood and metal surfaces with our solvent based All Purpose White Primer. Being thinnable, they will provide you a desired finish as per your requirements without compromising on its functionality and finish.


Acrylic Cement Primer

British Paints Acrylic Cement Primer is water thinnable primer which is especially meant for interior walls. It can be applied on a wide range of plastered walls, asbestos, cement, concrete etc as an undercoat.


All Purpose White Primer-Solvent Based

British Paints All Purpose White Primer is a solvent thinnable primer which is meant for all kind of surfaces including interior walls, wooden surfaces and metal surfaces.


Acrylic Exterior Wall Primer

British Paints Exterior Wall Primers is an emulsion based water thinnable primer which is especially meant for use on exterior walls. It can be applied on a wide range of exterior cement plasters, exterior ceilings, asbestos sheets, concrete etc as an undercoat.